Songs From the Heart Past Winners

Stingray Rising Stars English Ian Tamblyn – “Away”
Stingray Rising Stars French Jean-Marc Lalonde – “C’est toi que ça me prend”
Sub-category Winners
Children’s Kathy Reid-Naiman – “Maloney the Pony”
Humorous Dom De Luca – “(He Thinks He’s The Only) True Canadian”
Instrumental Kristin Sweetland & Lyndell Montgomery – “Hello Sailor”
Multicultural Audrey Saparno – “She Misunderstood”
Political Peter Boyer – “Song for Louis Riel”
Galaxie Rising Stars English Bill Candy – “Idle Never More”
Galaxie Rising Stars French YAO (Yaovi Hoyi) – “Pensées-soleil”
Sub-category Winners
Children’s Mike Whitla – “Trees Need the Sun”
Humorous John Jackson – “Drinkin’ Time”
Instrumental Chris McKhool and Kevin Laliberté – “Monti’s Revenge”
Multicultural John and Sheila Ludgate – “Northern Soul”
Political Ian Tamblyn – “Take the Mountain Down”
Galaxie Rising Stars English Tucker Finn – “Totally Headed for Nowhere”
Galaxie Rising Stars French Philippe Flahaut – “Seul dans l’auto avec la radio”
Sub-category Winners
Children’s Chris McKhool – “Scat in the Hat”
Humorous Dan Latner – “The Facebook Waltz”
Instrumental Jaron Freeman-Fox – “Waterfall”
Multicultural Jaffa Road – “Ana El Nah”
Political Mike Ford – “Open for Business”
Galaxie Rising Stars English Brenley MacEachern & Lisa MacIsaac – “The Ransom”
Galaxie Rising Stars French Yvan Vollé – “Solitude”
Sub-category Winners
Children’s Noah Aiken-Klar & Joshua Skye Engel – “Grow”
Humorous Glenn McFarlane – “Grope the Pope (The Throne Exam)”
Instrumental Anne Lindsay & Tosh Weyman – “May Our Minds Meet (Namaste)”
Multicultural Lenka Lichtenberg – “Peace Is The Only Way”
Political Tom McInerney – “Bits and Pieces”
Galaxie Rising Stars English Ambre McLean – “Me, My Heart, And The Moon”
Galaxie Rising Stars French Louis-Philippe Robillard – “Le Pommier”
Galaxie Rising Stars English David Leask and Bruce Madole – “While I Still Breathe”
Galaxie Rising Stars French Cindy Doire and Colin Linden – “Pêché de la mer”
Galaxie Rising Stars English Michael Laderoute – “A River I Know”
Galaxie Rising Stars French Amélie Lefebvre – “Je t’attends”
Sub-category Winners
Blues Joëlle Roy – “Quand vient le jour
Children’s Markus – “Without You”
Historical Chris MacLean – “Sisters of Charity”
Humorous Enoch Kent – “Dancing Fool
Instrumental David Gillis – “Snow Day”
Political Lynn Harrison – “Bicycle Bell”
World Galitcha – “Chuk Dhay”
Galaxie Rising Stars English Catherine McInnes – “Waltzing on Eggshells”
Galaxie Rising Stars French Charlie Sohmer – “Marie Anne Lagimodiere”
Sub-category Winners
Blues Ken Whiteley – “Everybody Has the Blues”
Children’s Russell Leon – “Troubadour”
Historical Jon Brooks – “Auction Days”
Humorous Angie Nussey – “The Gynecologist Song”
Instrumental D’Arcy Wickham – “Feather Fingers”
World Frank Patrick – “Believe”
Galaxie Rising Stars English Ana Miura – “He Swallows Whiskey”
Galaxie Rising Stars French Phil Lafrenière – “Je Pleure et Je Perds”
Sub-category Winners
Blues Paul Bourdeau & Lynne Hanson – “River By My Side”
Children’s Mike Whitla – “Mike on a Bike”
Historical Ian North – “The Ballad of Stephen Reid”
Humorous Angie Nussey – “Hunny Bunny”
Instrumental Anne Lindsay – “Through the Hourglass”
Political Phil Lafreniere – “American Dollars”
World Melissa Laveaux – “Koudlo”
Galaxie Rising Stars English Melwood Cutlery – “Ballad of the Moonlight Lady
Galaxie Rising Stars French Jean-Guy ‘Chuck’ Labelle – “Le Calumet de la Paix”
Sub-category Winners
Blues Suzie Vinnick, David Leask & Liz Tansey – “The Honey I Want”
Children’s Ken Whiteley – “Leaves”
Historical Dickson Reid – “The Blacksmith & The Lady”
Humorous Peter Judd – “This Is How To Build A Wall”
Instrumental Eric Stein – “Reunion”
Political Layah Jane – “Reverence & Ridicule”
World Louis Simao – “Caber Sair”
Galaxie Rising Stars English Michelle Rasky – “Into the New”
Galaxie Rising Stars French Darryn Grandbois – “Oh! Canada”
Michel Payment – “Ouendaké”
Sub-category Winners
Children’s Lisa Godin – “Buddy Good Buddy”
Humorous Caroline Wiles – “Little Boobs”
Instrumental Jason Fowler – “Midwestern Lament”
Political Segun Akinlolu – “The Small People’s Anthem”
World Eliana Cuevas – “Rompe Mi Alma”
Ottawa Folklore Centre Gift Certificates
Nechi – “Four Directions Song”
Trevor Mills – “The Kid With the Comic Book”
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Lise Otis – “Dimoitou”
Shawn Sage – “Let’s Get Bush Off of the Wagon”
David Gillis – “Twirl Twirl Little Girl”
Enoch Kent – “Stanley’s Song For the Women”
Maryem Tollar – “24 Days”
Galaxie Rising Stars English Miranda Stone – “Seven Deadly Sins”
Honourable Mentions
Susan O – “Woe”
Steve Fox – “She Moved”
Rob Lamothe – “River of My Life”
Galaxie Rising Stars English Dan Kershaw – “Motel 6”
Songs From the Heart English Terry Tufts – “The Better Fight”
Melwood Cutlery – “Jimmy’s Room”
Lynn Harrison – “Room to Love”
Songs From the Heart English Jory Nash – “When I Walk Out”
Songs From the Heart English Aengus Finnan – “Lately”
Songs From the Heart English Terry Tufts – “My Father Would Say”
Songs From the Heart English Jennifer Noxon – “Next in Line”
Songs From the Heart English Ellen Hamilton – “Damn This Wind”
Honourable Mentions
Michaela Foster Marsh
Erin Benjamin
Songs From the Heart English Roger Lee – “Tiny Cup, Big Ocean”
Honourable Mentions
Holmes Hooke & Jeff Wiseman – “A Picture on the Wall”
Lee Hayes – “Hold Me Now”