Equality Statement

Folk Music Ontario’s Board of Directors has been working throughout 2015 to build an inclusive organization. As a first step, the organization adopted an Equality Statement at its September 12, 2015 Board meeting. It also recognized next steps to be implemented in the coming months, including development of related policies, practices, and communications.

* * *

Equal opportunity is based on the fundamental value that all Folk Music Ontario members and colleagues are equal and deserve mutual respect. Any conduct that undermines the dignity of any individual or group hurts us all.

Folk Music Ontario is committed to strengthening the organization by building a culture that is founded on the tenets of mutual respect, cooperation, inclusiveness and understanding. These tenets will bind our community and strengthen our relationships within the music industry to increase our joint capacity and willingness to work together on shared concerns.

Folk Music Ontario activities are discrimination and harassment-free zones. Folk Music Ontario will not tolerate harassment, preferential treatment or discrimination in any form arising as a consequence of a member’s disability, age, gender, religion, race, language, physicality, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or national origin. Folk Music Ontario will not condone behavior or any form of communication that may undermine the stated fundamental value that each individual or group is entitled to.

Folk Music Ontario undertakes to ensure that its governing by-laws, policies and practices reflect our commitment to equality, respect and dignity for all.